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Stanford University is a private university in the United States, is recognized as one of the world's most outstanding university. It is located in California city of Standford, near San francisco. Stanford University assets owned one of the largest university in the world. It covers an area of 35 square kilometers, is the United States of America area is the second largest university. Compared to the United States east of the Ivy League (IVY League) especially at Harvard, Yale, Stanford University, although relatively short history, but both the academic standards or other aspects can compete with the Ivy League schools, for example, according to culture the most billionaires University in the United States "Forbes" magazine 2010 inventory of America, Stanford University, ranked second, the number of billionaires reached 28, second only to Harvard University.

The students

Admission to the Stanford University's competition is very intense, the 1997 school year there were 16800 applicants for admission, only 15%. There are 1700 people apply for overseas students, finally only 123 people accepted. Most people studying subject is biological, followed by the economy, psychology, English, and political science.

Teaching resources

Stanford University foundation strong, sufficient funding, teaching equipment is extremely abundant. The library contains over 6700000 books and more than 4 of the journal. The school also has more than 7000 computer for students to use, is also provided with a plurality of computer room and computer center to provide services for students. Students can use the network and the teacher-student relationship. In addition, the school sports facilities are also many, there can accommodate eighty-five thousand people in the stadium, golf courses and swimming pool, fully embodies the advantages of large area of campus.

Campus environment

Stanford University is located in the southern edge of about 35 miles of Palo Alto, climate is dry, originally a rich fertile agricultural region, since the 1950's, because of the high-tech industry intensive rise was creating the world's science and technology center "Silicon Valley", the birthplace of PA pull Alto became Silicon Valley core, plus a first-class school district is located in Stanford University in this and the pleasant climate, convenient transportation and favorable living conditions, the local land price is surprisingly high. In addition the high-tech leadership and growing commercial activities, about 60000 residents in the Palo Alto City, also has 100 years of history culture and many historical sites and relics, so one of the characteristics of the integration of old and new is this city. Many parks have Palo Alto city (at least 34) and the majority of the open green space, and is located in the bay area, natural landscape and recreation resources are also very rich, so although the city land is costly, but also provide the relative quality living environment, suitable to live and work.

School Rankings

Stanford University (Stanford University) at the American University ranked 2012 to fifth.

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