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University of Cincinnati (University of Cincinnati) was founded in 1819, is the oldest public institution of the United States second. The Princeton review (Princeton Review) Award for best public university and University of Cincinnati. University of Cincinnati (UC) is located in Ohio, a large public university, founded in 1819. According to the "guide" points out that the University Yale University journal, University Business School is the largest, most students in reading, good reputation, but admitted to more rigorous. University of Cincinnati has more than 500 graduate professional, 210 graduate professional. The university consists of 16 Colleges: including the historic, international students engineering college, and competitive forces in the business school, hands-on science college of applied ability strong, strong integrated forces college of Arts and Sciences, College of education come out in front. University of Cincinnati is located in Ohio southwest of Cincinnati City, covers an area of 421 acres, has 5 campuses, the main campus from downtown Cincinnati, less than 5 km, convenient transportation, the environment elegant. The school's brilliant building of world-class level, worthy and comparable to Standford, Harvard, Yale University. Rich facilities, sports venues and convenient food provided, thoughtful international student service reflects the development strategy of our school with students as the center.

The students

University of Cincinnati is a paid internship program (Co-op, 1906) is the birthplace of the school graduates, the employment rate is as high as 98%. At the University of Cincinnati, from one hundred countries of the world's 2126 students in reading, Chinese foreign student was 474 people (only 1%). The 2010 school year, enrollment in University of Cincinnati registered up to 41357 people, one of the nation's largest institution of higher learning.

Teaching resources

The co-op America's (Cooperative Education) originated from the University of Cincinnati (1906), after the United States of America by many university and more than 40 countries to follow. In a paid internship courses, students in the work on the theory of knowledge into practice, and the challenges and problems and promoting the student to further deepen the theoretical study. This study paid work practice period, provides the best opportunity for employment after graduation, students during learning very good understanding of the professional occupation development, at the same time to obtain the necessary information for future employment. For co-op students, after five years of learning and work alternately, a total of a year to a year and a half paid work, per capita income is three to fifty thousand.

Campus environment

Cincinnati is an important industrial city and the Ohio river. Located on the Ohio River to the north shore of the top end of North Bend, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana near the junction of three states. Urban area of 202 square kilometers, population 364000 (1990), wherein the blacks accounted for about 1/3. Large urban areas including belonging to 7 counties in 3 states, an area of 5579 square kilometers. City is located in the three sides surrounded by foothills, flat basin, big, small Miami River and the Ohio River 3 River in this convergence. In January the average temperature of 0 ℃, July 24.5, annual rainfall of 1000 mm. Cincinnati is the center of the Ohio River Valley water, by the North Canal against the tide coast from Hong Kong, South into the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Port excellent facilities, mainly in the output of coal. In addition, it is an important railway junction, there are 7 railway lines to the Quartet radiation, including Cincinnati Southern Railway is a main line links the United States North and south, an airport in the East Riverfront area. Urban areas along the river extends 40 kilometers, is the bridge across the river 5. Since the nineteen sixties, large-scale transformation of the old city. Fountain square distribution around the business district, the square stands a high of 48 layers of the Kerif building. Plaza South of the financial district. The factory mainly focuses on the Ohio River tributary of the Miami River, the land along the 24 km long from north to south. Residential areas are located in the city around the mound. A number of the City University, which was founded in 1819 by University of Cincinnati is one of the earliest university in the United States of america. Many parks, green, beautiful scenery, the "Queen City" said.

School Rankings

University of Cincinnati (University of Cincinnati) at the American University ranked 2012 to 143rd.

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