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Harvard University is the United States of America's first private university, is to cultivate the comprehensive university graduate and engaged in scientific research, is also a member of the Ivy League. Harvard University is the first university (second is the College of William and Mary, the Yale University third). The American War of independence many revolutionary pioneer from Harvard under the door. Harvard University is known as the United States government thought library. Here has the birth of the eight president of the United States of America, 40 Nobel Prize winners and 30 Pulitzer laureates. The business school case study more famous. Here also cultivate created Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, a commercial miracle man.

In the press and research institutions in the world rankings, Harvard University is often ranked first in the world. For example, "Newsweek" often to Harvard at the top; in 2007 the world wide web world university rankings, Harvard University, ranked second in the world (behind the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The United States of America The Princeton Review Princeton Review is listed in the "most difficult to apply for the University" in fourth in 2006 of Harvard University. 34950 applicants from around the world in 2011, only 2158 were admitted.

Teaching resources

The Harvard University has more than ninety library, collection of more than 15000000 copies, is the world's fourth largest "million library (mega-library)" (the top 3 are the United States Library of Congress, the British Library, the National Library of France); Harvard University in all research institutions accept donation is the largest, reaching $29200000000 in 2006, is the next largest Bill and Melinda Gates endowment fund. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has always existed between friendly competitions, this relationship can be traced back to 1900, when the two schools merged has been widely discussed, even at one time by the authorities agreed (later to be MA Massachusetts court to cancel), today, between the two schools of cooperation and competition still be roughly the same, often have a lot of cooperation seminar and project, including the Ministry of Health Science and technology, the Harvard MIT, Harvard MIT data center, research on Dibner history of science and technology. In addition, both undergraduate and graduate students also can not pay additional costs are registered, credits to get his degree programs.

Campus environment

Harvard University campus in a meadow called new Harvard Yard, in 1936 the new park called in third Century for the theatre, in honor of Harvard's three hundred anniversary, rain or shine, always opening and graduation ceremony held here.

School Rankings

Harvard University (Harvard University) at the American University ranked 2012 to first.

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