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The fourth session of national language education seminar held in Ningbo

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The original title: the fourth session of national language education seminar held in Ningbo

April 12th ~14 day, by the study of Chinese Language Education Association, School of foreign languages of Ningbo University of Technology to host the fourth session of national language education conference held at the Ningbo World Hotel. Experts and scholars from universities all over the country to gather, probes into the reform and development of education in language to study language on the basis of theory and practice as the cornerstone of our country.

The seminar on "education reform and practice of" the language of global culture fusion and conflict under the background of the theme. On the meeting, Peking University professor Chen Rudong made a presentation entitled "on the national strategy and development trend of" Chinese language education, expounds the strategic significance for Chinese language education, and points out that in the context of globalization, China's language development trend should be understanding the education to language education, from speaking and writing skills education steering cultural quality education, from the language system of education steering language communication order education, language education from domestic to international language education from the language. Over the two days of the meeting, experts and scholars in their own knowledge to the participating teachers bring a precious "academic".

Seminar held in the language education, and promote the further development of our study of language, language education and language education and information technology development, the academic field, and further promote the construction of the Chinese language education.

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