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Workshop on health teaching in secondary

Author:idearen Source: Date:2013-4-21 23:18:19 Popularity:

In April 17th, the city Bureau of education successfully held vocational school mental health teaching seminar in Huaibei health school. From the secondary vocational school, high middle school, primary school mental health teachers and Zhang Xiaoyan teacher studio members were more than 30 teachers took part in the meeting. The seminar on "how to enhance the self-confidence of students" as the theme, aims to further deepen the Huaibei secondary vocational school mental health education teaching reform, promote the exchange between the psychological health of teachers, teaching mode and strategy of mental health education, optimizing classroom teaching strategies, improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching. From Suixi County Vocational Education Center Peng Feng, Huaibei normal school at morning, Huaibei health school three teachers were coached by Yang Chunying "my self-confidence, my success" "to be useful", three different forms of psychological health demonstration course. Demonstration teaching design to break the conventional, bold innovation; highlight the characteristics of vocational education, close to the occupation school students' mental and developmental characteristics; method by means of reasonable, effective, conducive to the cultivation of students' ability. Let the students know themselves clearly in the different teaching mode, self acceptance more pleasure. After the teacher speak one's mind freely, honest communication, and introduces the respective school mental health education work. Through observation, research, interaction, the teachers generally reflect the benefit bandit shallow, seminar achieved the expected effect. The teaching seminars effectively promote the ability and level of teaching health education of school psychological Huaibei promotion to the teaching of mental health education in Huaibei school work further played a positive role in promoting.

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